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-up. the improper i.r.s. scrutiny of groups opposed to the president. and the justice department's sweeping subpoenas of the associated press phone records. then on thursday, the president had a press conference and promised improvements. >> my concern is making sure that if there's a problem in the government, that we fix it. that's my responsibility. and that's what we're going to do. that's true with respect to the i.r.s. and making sure that they apply the laws the way they were intended. that's true with respect to the security of our di comes, whichs why we're going to need to work with congress to make sure there's adequate funding for what's necessary out there. now, with respect to the department of justice, i'm not and pending case, but i can talk broadly about the balance that we have toÑi strike. leaks related to national security can put people at risk. they can put men and women in uniform that i'veñr sent into te battlefield at risk. they can put some of our intelligence officers who are in various dangerous situations that are easily compromised at risk. now, the flip side
said they were among those targeted by the irs, amid the growing controversy over reports the agency discriminated against politically conservative groups. franklin graham, son of billy graham, said his relief organization, samaritans purse and the billy graham evangelistic association were both audited after the association sponsored newspaper ads opposing gay marriage. graham called the irs action morally wrong and unethical. but the groups did not lose their tax exempt status. the founder of focus of the family, james dobson, said he also faced discrimination when he sought tax exempt status for a new ministry. his request was also eventually granted. >>> a breakthrough in cloning human embryos is raising new ethical concerns. employing the same technique used to clone animals, scientists at oregon health and science university for the first time were able to remove stem cells from a cloned human embryo. those cells could be used to treat certain diseases. boston cardinal sean o'malley, the head of the u.s. conference of catholic bishop's pro-life committee, was critical of the re
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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